Education of highly professional leaders of public institutions and competent public servants is one of prerequisites for the creation of the effective system of public administration in Ukraine. The Lviv Regional Institute of Public Administration National Academy of Public Administration, the Office of the President of Ukraine is the only educational establishment in the western region of our country, the main activity of which is directed at achieving this goal.

The Institute closely cooperates with local public administrations and local self-government bodies of eight western regions of Ukraine, which are the basic customers of our Institute. Such collaboration enables us to study the needs of the public institutions better and gives public institutions an opportunity to find out about the level of training and skills our students.

The activities of the Institute are focused on continuous improvement and the highest standards of the quality of educational services. The graduates of the Institute have advanced administrative knowledge, skills and abilities, and they can work as heads of local authorities and municipalities.

The Institute conducts its activities in three areas:

  • University education in sphere of public administration and economics;
  • In-service training for public/municipal servants and private business staff;
  • Research and publishing activities in the field of public administration and economics; post-graduate and post-doctoral studies.